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The Brockville Yacht Club has a very active sail racing club with regular keelboat racing . The fleet currently consists of three divisions; flying sail, white sail and shark fleets. Races are held weekly on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6:00pm with a spring, summer and fall series for each of the nights. The rating system used is PHRF and skippers are required to have an up-to-date rating certificate to be able to compete. Spectators can usually get a great view of the races from Block house island , often with multiple boats jockeying for position just feet from the retaining walls.

Anyone interested in joining our race fleet or interested in crewing please contact the Fleet Captain.

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Fleet News

  • BYC Race Courses

    CAP LETTERS -RED ROUND TO PORT, lower case- green round to starboard

    Wind Flag Flying Sail White Sail
    SW-W 1.    signal_flag_1 DACDAC DEACGC
    S-SW-W 2.   signal_flag_2 EIFCECDc SAME
    SW-W 3.    signal_flag_3 DACEIGCDC


    SW-LIGHT 4.  international-maritime-signal-flag-4-clip-art_t ECDCDC DECDC
    NE-E 5.    signal_flag_5 adcadc agcgec
    E 6.    signal_flag_6 fgecaC SAME


    NE-E 7.    7 agdcadC afgcgC
    NE-E LIGHT 8.    signal_flag_8 acgC afgC
    N 9.    signal_flag_9 afgcgC SAME
    N-NW 0.    signal flag 0 DEcgcgC SAME
    VERY LIGHT SW-W   Q. international-maritime-signal-flag-quebec-clip-art DCDCDC SAME
    ??? L.      -signal-flag-letter-l-lima Come within hail, course to be posted on board


  • VHF Radios for RC

    A pair of VHF floating handheld radios has been purchased for use by the Race Committee.

    The Race Committee will monitor channel 16. In the event of a serious incident requiring the assistance of the RC, boats should hail using the following protocol:

    Boat X: “Race Committee, Race Committee, Race Committee, this is Boat X. Come in please. Over.(pause for response and repeat as necessary)

    RC: Boat X this is Race Committee. Go ahead. Over.

    Boat X: Race Committee {describe incident, location and indicate assistance needed} Over.

    RC: {Acknowledge incident} Crash boat is being dispatched. Over.

    Boat X: Acknowledged. Boat X standing by on channel 16.

    Crash: RC, RC, RC, this is Crash. Come in please. Over

    RC: Crash this is RC, go ahead. Over

    Crash: {report on status} Over.

    When all is said and done

    RC: RC standing by on Channel 16. Out.

    Crash: Crash Out.

    Boat X: Boat X Out.

  • North U Seminar

    On April 3 the Bay of Quinte YC is hosting a North U seminar. Contact Gord ( if you are interested in attending and/or car pooling.

    North U Sail Trim and Boat Speed
    Sunday April 3 – 8:30 – 4:30
    Bay of Quinte Yacht Club
    Includes: Morning and afternoon breaks and lunch
    Includes: North U TRIM Disc/USB with the inter-active “Sail Shaper”. see description below

    Sign up is directly at the NorthU website

  • The Results of the 2012 Social Survey Are In!

    Please vist the link below to view the results from the 2012 Social Survey:

  • Dinghy Racing — New

    Dinghy racing will be held every Wed night with a gathering at 5:30pm at the club with racing to follow shortly afterward.  If you do not have a dinghy, the club dinghy’s are available to members  so please feel free to participate. All are welcome, if you know of others whom may be interested please spread the word. Non club members are welcome to try out racing for up to 3 races and then can join and enjoy the privileges of the club.

    “Let gets our Race on”

    Shawn Reid

  • Small boat committee

    A new small boat committee has been formed to take care of the yacht club tenders. Members of this committee are as follows:

    Keith Wilcox, Steve Duffy, Ernie Neufeld, Norm Farrow and Shawn Reid.

    A key box and sign out sheet has been mounted in the area of the harbour lockers.

    I would like to thank the committee for all the work they have put into this project.

    Thank You

    Shawn Reid

    Fleet Captain

  • For more information contact:

    Fleet Captain

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