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Contact Board of Directors and Staff

Club administration and general enquiries

Kelly Clarke

P: 613-345-3146

Club Accountant

Penny Hanna

P: 613-345-3146

Sailing School

Terry Gardiner (Director)

P: 613-345-6772

Smith Island

Dean Folwer (Director)

P: 613-345-6352


Commodore - Dave Duncan

Vice Commodore - Gord Cooke
Rear Commodore and Harbour Master (wet sail) - Terry Fox

Treasurer - Dan Leonard

Secretary/Membership - Becky Phillips

Fleet Captain - Mike Henson


Past Commodore - Brad Somers

Sailing School - Terry Gardiner

Social & Bar Operations - Todd Oullette

Security/Safety - Dwight Dejong

Building and Grounds - Jim Moncrieff

Smith Island - Dean Fowler

Grounds/Dry Harbour (dry sail) - Jack Henry

Member at Large - Eric Poulsen


Jim Coolen

Ken LeBlanc

Honorary Commodores

Tom Stubbs

Joan Gandier

F. W. Hamilton

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