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Join Our Team!

We are currently accepting resumes for casual, experienced food and beverage servers as well as janitorial services. Click here for more details.

Please send resume to

Bar & Food: Headliner

Bar & Food

The BYC Bar is for the pleasure of members and their guests.



We will be open till the end of September on Wed, Thurs and Fri 11:30-2:30 either with a limited menu or a special lunch that the members will provide.

Regular bar Hours have concluded for the 2022 season.

Bar & Food: About Us


"The lunches the members built"

Lunches will resume in late May from Thursday-Saturday between 11:30am-2:30pm.  
Have an idea or a team for a theme lunch, give Kelly a call to book your Friday!  Let's get back to having some fun!

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