As of July 24, 2021 the Club is accepting reciprocals once again. Guests are to follow COVID-19 protocal i.e. masks indoors, keep six feet apart, etc...

Most Yacht Clubs offer reciprocal privileges to members of other yacht clubs like overnight docking at no charge.

The Brockville Yacht Club welcomes members of other reciprocal Yacht Clubs along the St. Lawrence and Lake Ontario with a free night of docking if space permits to a maximum of 35' and 12' wide. Visit the Brockville Tourism website and Tripadvisor for information about Brockville and things to do.

When you arrive (we are not able to reserve slips), contact the Duty Officer on duty (the phone number can be found on the chalk board next to the Club House door (facing the water). They will advise whether there is an available slip. We will accommodate you if at all possible. If we aren't able to accommodate, you may want to try the

Brockville Municipal Harbour (Blockhouse)

or Tall Ships Landing Marina.

To find participating reciprocals, view the Lake Ontario Club Cruising Association Reciprocal Repository.

For BYC members

When BYC members take their boats out over night, they log their boat out on the chalk board in the workshop with expected return date so that the Duty Officer knows which, if any, slips are available for reciprocals. BYC members enjoy using other clubs therefore please return the favour, by giving notice of your available slip.

For Duty Officers
The reciprocal binder is located in the bottom of the Duty Officer desk in the mast room. All of the pertinent info required from the guest boater is in the binder and must be filled in (i.e. insurance, club membership, date, etc...)

Provide guests with the washroom door code. Ask that guests use the south west pedestrian gate when coming and going, and provide them the code and request that they lock the gate after both entry and exit.

If ice is needed (by guests), use the yellow key, fill out the chit and place with the money ($2.50 per bag) in the blue box on the ice machine.

If a pump out is required on a weekday during business hours, the Club Coordinator can provide a token for $10. On the weekends and outside business hours, call one of the following:

  • Dwight DeJong 613-340-2903

  • Terry Fox 613-802-0141

  • Jim Moncrieff 613-803-5879